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To this mundane earth, Nature sent its three off-springs in the form of 'plants', 'animals' and 'human beings'. Catastrophically the fact is that with the help of the former two, the latter is multiplying and surviving supreme. Trying to thrive ahead in every field, this 'supreme human' is destroying self, anything and everything in the process, leading to an unlivable environment not only to self, but also to non-human nature's scions.

Human to Human

Torture is the biggest blot in the humanity. It ruptures boundaries and fragme an individual's relationship to self. It disrupts wholeness in the human system. It is one of the most intense forms of human rights abuse because it is relational and international. The act of one human being violated by another to such a profound extent is beyond the imagination. It is literally beyond words.

Human to Non-Human

Dreadful is the thought of imagining a sky without birds, a pond without fishes, a farm without cattle, a jungle minus its kings or even an urban road or colony without pet - dogs and cats. Fearful is the scene that where after a few decades, our fore-children will with the help of pictures may be trying to imagine how these terrestrial friends of ours looked like - Same way as we are mad to know more about the fantastic dinosaurs through their fossils. Let all of us awake !!!, even now it is not too late, for us to realize the disaster which we are going to face few years from now. The only way to repent and pay back is to glorify them in whatever way we can.
Let us give a streak of us by curing, caring, and contributing what little we possess to these non-syllabus.

To Care is love,
To Share is human,
To cure is devine

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